Apple Press Plans


Make your own apple cider from scratch with a wooden apple press.

This is a set of woodworking plans that describe in detail how to build an apple press. You can see the design of the press and its operation in these videos:

With these project plans, you can build the apple press using either hardwood or common construction lumber from the hardware store. The press uses a bottle jack and can accommodate six layers of apples at one time. One full press load gave us roughly 12 gallons of juice, though your results may vary as apples are all a little different.

The dimensions in the plans will create an apple press the same size as the video. However, most dimensions in this project can be changed, so you can scale the press up or down to accommodate your needs.

This is a perfect project for beginning woodworkers. It uses simple half-lap joinery for most major construction, along with some mortise and tenon joints. Carriage bolts join the major pieces together. The materials are inexpensive and easy to source. Most major parts can be purchased from the hardware store. The apple press uses basic tools and is a one or two weekend project (the accessories can take longer to build than the press itself).

With this DIY apple press, you can make your own apple juice or apple cider – and from there, you could easily start fermenting your own hard cider.

The PDF plans include over 20 pages of instructions with dimensions and illustrations for each step. You will be guided through the project from start to finish. Whether you are an experienced woodworker or just getting started, you can successfully complete this project.

These plans are electronic and can be downloaded immediately after purchasing them. Thank you for your business, and have fun!

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    Dear Matt Cremona,
    I follow your youtube channel since many years and watch your videos regularly. You inspired me to get into woodworking. Thank you a lot for getting me into this great hobby!
    The reason for my message is a little request:
    My girlfriend’s brother will become father in October, so I would like to make them a gift for the baby.
    I remembered the beautiful Rocking Walnut Bassinet you built for your first son.
    Is there any chance to get the plans for the bassinet? I will of course pay for the plans (or do a donation).
    No problem if you don’t like to publish them. I think I could somehow figure out the basic dimensions from your video.
    Thanks for the work that goes into these detailed videos.
    Kind regards and the best wishes to your family with your newborn babygirl,
    Johannes Maier from Germany