Triton Router Giveaway

November 23, 2016

Triton and I are giving away one of their awesomely innovative 2 1/4hp routers.  The giveaway is open to anyone residing in the US or Europe.  The giveaway ends Dec 5, 2016 11:59PM CST.  I will announce the winner Dec 6 on my Weekly Shop Update.  Good luck!

Learn more about the router:

Triton MOF001 Router


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  • Bob Revie says:

    Great channel Matt – not sure I will ever be able to tackle anything like as complex as your Band Saw Mill! Looking forward to seeing it working though. Many thanks.

    • Thanks Bob!

  • Sweet giveaway. Love your channel.

  • Geoff Robinson says:

    New subscriber here, already watched dozens of your videos!! Great stuff Matt. Awesome work and great motivation for me to keep building and making things.

    • Thank you Geoff!

  • Rian Corcoran says:

    Carry on, Cremona.

    • I intend to

  • Tim says:

    Matt, just ran across your cutting board video – AWESOME ! I’ve been looking for a way to “plane” end grain cutting boards & I believe I found it. The Triton router would help with this project. Thanks for the great videos.

  • Robert-Lee O'Connell says:

    Fingers crossed!! 🙂
    Happy Holidays Matt!

  • Johnny Tromboukis says:

    Thank you for opportunity Matt and Triton!

  • mark sandoval says:

    can’t wait to get my new router. Thanks Matt!

  • Deni Montiel says:

    My husband and I love your channel!! Thank you for sharing your skills, you’re wood work is amazing Matt :). You’ve inspired my husband, he has started doing different things with wood which is not his usual trade.

    • That’s so awesome to hear!

  • Clyde L Decker says:

    I am now way too old to put out so much energy so I REALLY admire your work! I am totally in awe of what you’ve accomplished since leaving the world of computers. Would that I had had your influence when I decided to stop programming & support. You have my total admiration. Keep up the great work.

    • Thank you Clyde!

  • Travis says:

    I’ve been trying to get into the milling game. Money is tight but I’ve been slowly acquiring the goods. Got a Stijl MS 441 with a 36″ bar and rip chain. So far I’ve just used a Hadden lumber maker to cut some huge slabs out of a red oak I got for free. Gonna go with the panther pro mill for Christmas. My buddy and I built a solar kiln to dry the lumber with mostly free material. I’d love to use this router to make a flattening sled and a free one is exactly in my price range.

    • Great price range 🙂

    • jumping in on this conversation, Travis, what solar kiln design were you using? and your geographic area (not your address for heavens sake!
      I’m in Baltimore with a row home and a pretty stout garage, and was thinking of having the garage roof do double duty next year for a kiln and my grape/blackberry vines.
      I’m just concerned with the footprint.
      you can email me directly if you want or just comment here. thanks

      • Travis says:

        Hey not too far away, up here in Harrisburg. Kiln is facing south, everything I read said to build the pitch of the roof equal to the latitude of your location. So mine is roughly 40°. I got a bunch of insulated high efficiency windows for free from an Amish guy who does windows so I built window panels with them instead of buying expensive greenhouse glass. In the spring I will install a solar powered fan to circulate air to remove moisture. Not sure if these articles are helpful for your garage plans but these were the most helpful things I found, lots of good info:

  • Brian Hawkes says:

    I don’t normal post comments or enter competitions as I live in the UK but I must say that I like your YouTube channel especially the one you have done with April Wilkerson. Thanks for what you are doing and keep up the good work.

    • Thank you!

  • Loving your stuff Matt, paying particularly close attention to the nursery furniture!
    – sidebar, building a roubo like yours, where were your plans from?

    • Thank you! I followed Marc’s build over at The Wood Whisperer Guild

  • Lumi Roja says:

    As Always Excellent Work. Keep up…

  • Paul Lemieux says:

    Hurry up!!!! Can’t wait to see sawdust under that mill!

  • Brian Cook says:

    My birthday was yesterday Nov. 29th. That router would be an awesome present Matt!! Hint hint! lol

  • Anders molin says:

    Im exiting to see the sawmill!!

  • Aaron Merl says:


  • Aaron Merl says:

    You are so cool

  • Michael Funke says:

    That mill is looking great!

  • JoelvisTorres says:

    Awesome videos… keep up the amazing woodwork….

  • Tim Keenan says:

    Good stuff Matt! Your channel is great!!

  • Delaney Willard says:

    My husband and I love your work. Wouldn’t he be surprised if I won this?! Ha! I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with the world! Bless you!

  • Wesley Willard says:

    Super stoked about this!

  • Clwyd Jones says:

    Fingers crossed. Enjoy your show

  • Brian Artuso says:

    Matt, I really enjoy your channel. I have just started following folks like yourself, April WIlkerson and Jimmy Diresta. I have always enjoyed working with my hands and making things. ( mostly just stuff around the house now ) But you have all inspired me to do more. I have been trapped in the corporate world for a long time and it may be coming to an end. Thus the inspiration. Keep up the good work and keep making videos. THANK YOU.

  • Trevor moon says:

    Loving the bandsaw mill project keep up the great work and thanks for the opportunity for the giveaway 🙂 have q good one

  • fabrice galland says:

    La France regarde ton travail. 😉
    Good vidéos. Good job.

  • Christian Taylor Hauschild says:

    Project coming along nicely. It’ll surely be nive to get the first cuts done. I bet you are looking forward to milling some of that massive stack building up.
    I feel like that with the ever growing stack of turning wood in my garden. Going from woodturner to woodcollector.

    A small note on the give-away:
    I entered the give-away and there’s some maths in the confirmation that doesn’t quite make sense to me:
    “There are 2 more entries you could complete which would improve your chances by 100%”
    Another two entries will not increase my chances of winning by 100%, but it will increase my number of entries by 100%.
    My chances of winning should be some probability involving the total number of entries vs. my number of entries.

  • Jim Petrilli says:

    Great Stuff. Luv the combination of metal work and wood. Logging, cutting, drying, it is a full package

  • adrian says:

    Just sending a brief note of thanks for all your efforts. Very much appreciated and I loved the triton mini doc about how you got into woodworking and began your obsession with the craft. Look forward to seeing a gallery of all the slabs you cut with that bandsaw mill!

  • Cristijn says:

    So exited to see the mill in action!

  • Troy Salmon says:

    Loving the bandsaw mill videos. I’m envious of your skill and dedication.

    • Thanks Troy!

  • Charles Miller says:

    Triton would be a great name for a baby! I wonder what they would pay? Have they asked you yet?

  • That would come in Handy in building may bed for the next season of medieval fairs.

  • Troy J Skow says:

    really lucked out on this Minnesota weather. Good luck getting it done before it gets really cold here. Awesome project keep up the good work

    • It has been interesting. Hail this morning and sunny now. Thanks Troy!

  • Daniel T says:

    Hey Matt, liked your video on the motor. I was looking to do a similar thing with my lathe, but ended up settling for a DC motor and a controller for it. Overall I like the way it works, but I think you would have a tough time finding a large enough DC motor for the mill (mine is only 1hp, but you might be able to find a 2 or 3 hp for your raising/lowering mechanism). Saves you some hassle having to deal with a VFD.

  • Benjamin Popp says:

    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  • Thanks for the opportunity Matt! Love your sawmill build!

  • Gordon Bell says:

    Have you got plans made for the bandsaw and costs?

  • Terry Harris says:

    Love your work can’t wait to see the bandsaw running

  • Greg Fowler says:

    Hey Matt is this available for Canada i assume yes since you listed states and europe?if not well i entered anyway haha

  • Arthur Janeway says:

    Great band saw project Matt 🙂

  • Nauris says:

    Geetings from Latvia! Thanks for the great videos.

  • Petros Foulidis says:

    A router will be awesome to have in my shop…
    Thank you Matt for all the great videos, like your channel.

  • Connor Brannigan says:

    Man, I hope I win – shopping for a router at the minute, and December 6th is my birthday!!!

  • Joe Wiener says:

    Thank you.

  • Jon Woodiwiss says:

    Great work Matt. I admire the effort you put into your work where most people would give up

  • Daniel says:

    Love your channel and am impressed by your bandsaw build!

  • Rey Lande says:

    I love your channel and the videos working steel is amazing

  • simon jordan says:

    bandsaw build getting your welding skills up lol

  • Russ says:

    Your channel is an inspiration to an ameture saw dust maker like me..

  • Rafał Zagórny says:

    love your channel Matt! Thanks for opportunity. I could use this router.

  • Ethan gosling says:

    Ive been working with a workstaion router for 3 years this would be so nice

  • Ralph DOuglas says:

    Greatly dissapointed that giveaway is only open to US or European residents when your & Tritons followers are world wide, obviously that doesn’t matter to Triton.

  • venrice allman says:

    love your work

  • Alin bran says:

    Love your channel! I’m opening my own shop, and that router would be a treasure for me!! Thanks for the opportunity !!

    Ps: the bandsaw mill is like……..CRAZY!!!

    Good work!

  • Maarten Verheyen says:

    Belgian reader/viewer here. Would like to trade the router for some of our beers or chocolate or will that be considered cheating 😀

  • Jan Knoops says:

    awesome bandsaw project, great videos of other projects, very nice router, could get an awesome router if i win it …

  • Lucas Eggarter says:

    awesome , realy enjoy your viedoes Matt!

  • Rodney Kiemele says:

    Love the Bandsaw Mill Build ! Thanks for the great videos.

  • Shawn Zirbes says:

    Matt, That band-saw build is beastly! As a fellow Minnesotan (A little farther north) I feel your pain with the winter weather fast approaching. No time to waste.

  • Mike Springer says:

    what’s the over-under on the outside temp when the first log gets milled on that baby?

  • Nate Kolman says:

    I need to add some orange to my shop!

  • Great router!

  • What an awesome router. Would be a great addition to my shop!

    • Good luck!

  • throwing my name in the hat! Fingers crossed! Great giveaway!

    • Good luck!

  • Kent Woods says:

    The bandsaw is coming along nicely! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  • jared lanig says:

    Love your videos

    • Thank you!

  • Devin allison says:

    Love to have it thanks

    • Good luck!

  • Tim Roberts says:

    Ho how i need a nice Router like this, Pick Me Pick Me….Thanks Matt

    • Best of luck, Tim 🙂

  • I don’t have any experiences with Triton, but it looks like a solid machine.

  • That router would come in mighty handy. Would like to win.

  • israel esparza says:

    nice channel

  • Marlow Stanton says:

    Your channel is great, I’m awaiting with baited breath each saw mill update. That thing looks like a massive project!

    • Massive might not be a massive enough adjective

  • thanks for the giveaway chance

  • Daniel Stillwell says:


  • Roy smith says:

    I cannot wait to see this gigantic bandsaw in action.

  • Ted vandyke says:

    You make awesome videos . Enjoy them.

    • Thanks Ted!

  • Rick Lippincott says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Good luck Rick!

  • Richard Kunz says:

    Love the channel!

    • Thanks Richard!

  • Ron G Englebrecht says:

    Love your work

    • Thanks Ron!

  • Scott pallutch says:

    Awesome work Matt!

    • Thanks Scott!

      • Aaron Merl says:

        You are so cool