Top Planes, Lumber Drying Times, Books, Roubo, Router Bit Bearings

Top Planes, Lumber Drying Times, Books, Roubo, Router Bit Bearings

A listing of the questions and their timestamps can be found below.


About my workbench:

Those Books:
The Complete Book of Woodworking:
Practical Furniture Design:
Hybrid Woodworking:

00:34 Do you have any wood working books you’ve learned a lot from? (Not a chance to plug your friends, hybrid woodworker…) – Jeff Eberl
03:07 When is the last time you combed your hair? – Jordan Peckham
03:12 When the general rule for drying lumber is 1 year per inch. How do you dry yours so fast without a kiln? – Matt Bruckner
05:57 Is the snow all gone? Mike Tarz
06:03 When I route using a bit with a bearing the bearing is leaving a little groove how do I stop that? – Brendan Douglas-Henry
07:40 Do you ever see yourself doing anything else in life? – Oh Asis
08:38 Hey Matt, If you were to make a new workbench, would you re-make your roubo exactly as is ? If not, what would you make in stead or change about it? – Zack Eakin
11:08 Where do dispose of all the sawdust and loose bark etc. from all the milling? – Peter Compton
11:30 Now that you’ve been milling for a while, using what you milled, collecting monster logs, and getting through that pile has your target prey (trees) changed any? Are you going to be more selective in the future of what you go get and mill to keep or is it still size matters most? What’s you’re white whale in trees? – Wortheffort
13:27 I’d love to see more milling I know it’s repetitive but I just can’t get enough. – william Jarman
13:35 What would you suggest would be your top 5 planes? I haven’t used planes that much, but need to get better at finessing wood projects through planing. Thanks – David Wise


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