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  • Tom Marshall says:

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    Matt, have a very large piece of black walnut. 32ā€ diameter on one end, and 64+ā€ on the other with a crotch. Probably 5.000 lbs.Can send a video. Trying to determine best way to process his piece on the trailer as I do not have the equipment to move it

  • Sid Landrum says:

    If I bought a slab from you what would be the process I would need to follow to pick it up. I want a slab large enough to make a table top.
    I would want to pick it up. Iā€™ live near Fort Worth Texas so how many miles are you from my location ?

    Thanks ahead of time.

    • You’d need to come to me. From Texas to Minneapolis, that is a drive

  • George Bigney says:

    Can you use caulking on the endgrain of boards to keep it from checking