Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – Sept 23, 2017
I'm back from my trip to the UK with my almost complete chair.  In a few weeks after I'm done with the highboy, I'll be finishing it up and gluing it together.  On the highboy, I added the knee blocks to the lower case and glued up the panels that will start to form the upper case.
Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – August 25, 2017
I've been busily tearing the bandsaw mill apart so I can finish up some minor things that I never felt like doing when I built it in the winter and to paint the remaining unpainted parts. In the shop, I finished the internals of the lower highboy case.
Slabbing the Robbinsdale Maple
I picked up this silver maple log from a backyard in Robbinsdale, MN. This log has two crotches and from the outside looks to have a lot of figure within it. There is plenty of undulation visible on the outside and the large crotches looks to have produced a lot of compression figure. The log is 4’ wide at the butt and the crotch splays to 5’ wide. Overall length is just over 6’.
Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – Aug 17, 2017
I'm back from my trip to Denver. Marc and I finished filming our picture frame making videos and also decided to each to a project video. Marc went with making a garden gate and I made a bar stool. Back in my shop, I spent some time adding the drawer dividers to the lower case of the highboy.
Wheel Barrow Handle Replacement
My wheelbarrow is probably my most versatile and widely used tool.  I used it for typical yard work tasks but I also use it to move things that are too heavy or awkward to carry like lumber or slabs.  I recently dropped a slab onto it and broke one of the handles. Since I have plenty of wood, I figured I could quickly and enjoyably make a new set of handles in a couple hours. 
Simple Crosscut Sled
I got a new table saw almost a year ago and when I sold my old saw, I included all the sleds I had with it.  I've been meaning to make a new crosscut sled since and I'm finally getting around to it.  I'm going to be making essentially the same sled which worked great for the 4 years I had and used it. Super simple, basic and no frills.
Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – Aug 1, 2017
Chris stopped by for the day and we recorded a few segments for his upcoming Chopumentary and also milled up a walnut log. In the shop, I made a pair of replacement handles for my wheelbarrow and started working on a crosscut sled.