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  • Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – Oct 21, 2017

    Trucking ahead on the highboy. I cut and fit all the drawer fronts and added the bonnet top. I also made a quick frame for Lindsay to cast memories from the past year. Also my new cyclone arrived....

  • Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – Oct 13, 2017

    On the highboy this week I got the upper case glued up; finished up the scroll board details and got it attached to the case; added the vertical dividers and hidden drawer supports and prepped the stock for the 11 drawer fronts....

  • Making Sculpted Bar Stool in Marc Spagnuolo’s Shop

    I visited Marc’s shop for several days and one the things we did was build a project in two days. Neither of us got our project totally done in that time but we came really close. I decided to make a bar stool and Marc......

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