BB Gun Stock Replacement

September 23, 2016

Marv had a BB gun from when he was a boy.  He started restoring it by sandblasting and painting the body and was going to start working on replacing the stock but wasn’t able to due to sudden health reasons.  He provided me with a piece of Padauk to make the stock and the original to use as a guide.  The body bears the many dents and dings from his childhood adventures so I carried that theme to the stock by hand shaping it so it wouldn’t be completely perfect.

Products Used

Miterset: [affiliate link]
Finish: [affiliate link]


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  • Doug Lidz says:

    Nicely done Matt.

    • Thanks Doug!

  • kathy vaneyck says:

    Fascinating process! All the handwork seemed so appropriate to an old gun. Turned out great!

  • Thomas Tieffenbacher/AKA DocSavage45 says:

    I’m sure it is appreciated.

    • Very much. Thanks Tom!