Making the Secretary Doors

April 18, 2015

This time we go all the way back to a tree standing in the forest as we build the doors for the upper case of the secretary.  There is a lot involved with the construction of these doors from the integral beaded doors with arched top rails to the crotch figured raised panels.  Grain selection plays a major part in the creation of these doors.


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    i am building the Glen Huey queen Anne secretary desk–have finished the desk and am now working on the top section–your video on making the doors is very helpful–i am looking for some unusual boards to make the door panels–my piece is made of black walnut–i have a question regarding the upper unit assembly–what method is used to attach the horizontal shelves to the vertical sides? i realize the sides have dadoes for the shelves to fit into but i see no way to attach the two pieces together–i don’t believe glue will do very well as the joint will be end grain (on the shelf) attaching to long grain (on the sides)–my remedy is to attach a cleat to the inside of the side piece and under the shelf so the two pieces can be joined using screws–do you have a better suggestion or do you think this method is satisfactory?–your help is greatly appreciated–thank you