Spalted Silver Maple Slabbing [Embedded Steel, Brass, & Copper]

August 27, 2018

My friend, Brandon, removed a silver maple tree and brought me the logs last fall.  The tree was topped and left standing for 5 years before Brandon removed it.  This longer section is from the top section of the tree and s about 34″ in diameter and 9′ long.

Back Story & Putting the Log on the Mill – 00:19
Log Walk Around – 2:35
First Cut – 9:00
First Round of Slabs – 11:05
Cutting Through Steel – 22:11
Rolling the Log and Second Round of Slabs – 31:40
Conclusion – 39:05


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  • Matthew Ruben says:

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    Stumbled across you videos on YouTube, as I was watching other sawmilling content. I can’t believe you are milling in an urban setting, thats cool. I picked up a Woodmizer lt40 in April this year, I’m located in Afton. I would love the chance to meet with you, your mill is exactly what I was looking for in terms of slabbing the big logs! I have two large maples with crotches that I want cut into slabs. Give me a call if you don’t mind!

    Matt Ruben
    Ruben Cus to Sawmilling LLC

  • amr elsa says:

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  • Josh Penfold says:

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    Will you be selling any of the slabs from the Spated Maple?

  • Jeff Brann says:

    I really enjoyed your slabing video of the silver maple.log. You comments and explanations of the process where spot on and educational as well.. Initially I was concerned about you leaving the metal in the wood; why not just use a whole saw to cut it out? But your explanation about keeping it as an interest item for a table top or desktop is an inspiring idea! Will this log require further drying or is it ready for further milling. I also enjoy your furniture making videos and that maple will make some great projects. Keep up the good work and I look forward to more videos!
    Retired AirForce and retired airline pilot. Grounded now in my wood shop turning and making.

    • Thanks Jeff! These will probably take about 18 months to finish drying. I’m looking forward to making stuff with them 🙂