Slabbing The Red Oak Log

May 25, 2015

My friend Jim wanted to try moving a massive log that we had cut a few years ago and he figured slabbing it would be a good project for me.  So we hauled this 6,000lb log from the forest to my backyard and over the course of a few weeks, I took slice after slice off of it.  I am using a Panther Mill II with my Stihl 046.  My 42″ bar when mounted in the mill gives me around 35″ of cut width if I remove the dogs from my saw.
Panther Mill:

Dema Gamayunov:
Andrew Klein:
Matt Anderson:

Live Face Bench
Live Face Bench
Milling Walnut Logs with a Chainsaw Mill
Milling Walnut Logs with a Chainsaw Mill
Slabbing White Oak Logs with a Chainsaw Mill
Slabbing White Oak Logs with a Chainsaw Mill


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  • Matt, Amazing work with the woodworking and videos on your process. Congrats on the recent addition to your family. Sarah and I have four kids, never a dull moment. Greetings from Nashville. Keep up the fantastic work. -Travis

    • Thank you Travis! We’re shooting for 4. We’ll see how that goes… haha!

  • Steve Taylor says:

    Hey Matt, Do you use any special blades on your saws to do the slabbing of those trees? Or just use a regular chainsaw blade? Thanks.

    • I use a ripping chain. It’s just like a regular chain except the teeth are ground at 10 degrees.