Milling Some Bigger Small Logs

February 15, 2017

Continuing on with my conquest to rid my driveway of logs.  This time, I’m getting into some larger and more interesting elm logs.


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  • paulo says:

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    Hello mett how is it going to be wanted what kind of wood and this one I am from Brazil and in the region where I am has badita hard maderia type ipe and others have woods here that we have to steal the saws will be that the one that you use may be possible to use Also what is the type of them

  • Marvin schmidt says:

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    The video is awesome but do yourself a favor and get a back brace to protect yourself. I wear a brace when working with my larger slabs in my shop. It’s a life saver

  • garry waters says:

    hi matt
    i really enjoy the cutting videos and am so glad all your welds are holding up to the pressure and vibration.
    can you have the old blade sharpened? it could be cheaper than buying a new one.
    do you check your wood for metal before cutting it

  • Rob Sullivan says:

    Did the rabbit survive?

    • I didn’t see a rabbit carcass anywhere so probably