I'm back from a quick trip to Toronto and while I was there, I shot a couple videos with Paul. Back in the shop, I added the rails to the sideboard to start framing out the case and outside I moved a big silver maple log up onto the sawmill.
This time we'll install the motor that will drive the sawhead lift and complete the sprocket installation that will route the chain from one lifting column to the other.
This week I finished getting the mill reassembled to the point it was at last year before I disassembled it and was able to make a test cut. In the shop, I worked on the sideboard by finalizing the leg stock and cutting the grooves and mortises.

      Paste Wax: Bandsaw: Bandsaw Bearings: Trimaster Bandsaw Blade: SawStop PCS: Freud Glue Line Rip: Boeshield Starter Kit:

This week I finished up the linkage for the sawhead lift. I installed the new idle sprockets and mounts onto the mill and reinstalled the roller chain. In the shop, I finalized the part layout for the sideboard and began breaking down the lumber. I also finally organized my hardware thanks to my sons dumping it all onto the floor. More shop organization progress!
Starting on the next woodworking project: a sideboard made from walnut that I cut with my chainsaw mill a few years ago. Between the rain I've been working on the components that will complete the lift linking mechanism on the sawmill. I've also been experimenting with casting with slow setting epoxy.
I've been without a dedicated outfeed table for my tablesaw for almost two years now.  When I got the SawStop back in Sept 2016, I sold my old saw and sent the outfeed table along with it.  I've had the intention of knocking out this project ever since.