My friend, Brandon, brought me this log from a removal job he was doing. The log has a diameter of 4' at the base, tapers to about 3', and flares back out to 4' at the top. The tree was removed from a front yard in Mounds View, MN.
I've been taking it a bit slow after the sideboard marathon. I've been working on a video about my background in woodworking and I've been working on a lumber drying video. In the shop, I started making a batch of charcuterie boards from firewood.
My dad asked me to make a counter top for their laundry room. He said to make it out of anything, it just needed to fit the dimensions provided. I had a stack of 13' red oak slabs and the narrowest one was a good fit for the counter top. It had some defects to stabilize and I did a porefill on the top.
Busy week! In the shop I made good progress on the sideboard by getting the doors built and mostly installed. I also made all the knobs for the doors and drawers. I have a lot of slabs to stack so while I was applying finish to the door panels, I got started on a batch of my stack leveling bases. Out in the cremonatorium, I slabbed up the big red oak log that was on my mill and I had a visitor who brought a trailer of logs from Mississippi.
Getting the last large items taken care of on the sideboard. I built and installed the adjustable shelf system and got started on the doors. I also picked up a Huot drill cabinet at an auction which has made my twist drill organization so much better!
This time we're slabbing up a sugar maple with a lot of limbs clumped towards the middle of the log. The tree was also tapped for maple syrup during its life so we see the results of that.