Busy week! In the shop I made good progress on the sideboard by getting the doors built and mostly installed. I also made all the knobs for the doors and drawers. I have a lot of slabs to stack so while I was applying finish to the door panels, I got started on a batch of my stack leveling bases. Out in the cremonatorium, I slabbed up the big red oak log that was on my mill and I had a visitor who brought a trailer of logs from Mississippi.
Getting the last large items taken care of on the sideboard. I built and installed the adjustable shelf system and got started on the doors. I also picked up a Huot drill cabinet at an auction which has made my twist drill organization so much better!
This time we're slabbing up a sugar maple with a lot of limbs clumped towards the middle of the log. The tree was also tapped for maple syrup during its life so we see the results of that.
Last time we sliced up the longer section of this silver maple tree that was topped and left standing for 5 years. This time we'll continue on and slice up the shorter section. This one is from the base of the tree with a diameter close to 3'.
After being gone for a week and another week back with a bit of a slow start, I'm back at it.  Highlights this week are making progress on the sideboard by adding the vertical dividers and cutting the panels.  I also cut the white oak log that I showed in my last update.  
There's a few factors to consider when selecting a winch for urban logging. What size you need will greatly depend on the size of logs you're going after and potentially planning for even larger logs than you're expecting now. The short answer is to buy bigger than you need and not worry about it as much. The cost difference between the different capacities isn't very large. The only downside is as the capacity increases the winch gets heavier but if you're not moving it around and leaving it bolted to your trailer, this isn't really an issue.
Trucking along on the sideboard this week. I finished up the internals - the bottom frame and the drawer runners, kickers, and guides. I also picked up another log for the sawmill. I'll be away for a week: heading to Texas for a couple days to visit April and then over to Atlanta for IWF.