Walnut Rocking Bassinet

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About This Project

All the joinery between all the frame parts are mortise and tenon. On the side assemblies, the “legs” are splayed out at 10.5 degrees. The spindles are 1/2″ and are angled at 6.5 degrees. Because the legs splay out, the top connecting rail is a parallelogram. All of the frame pieces came out of one 16/4 slab and the panels came from one wide board.  I rough turned all the spindles on the lathe and then forced them through a dowel plate to get them to a consistent thickness.


  • Walnut for the frame, spindles, and panels. Black ash for the mattress support


  • Mortise and tenon (angled tenons) for all frame pieces.
  • Panels are floating in grooves inside the frame.
  • Mattress support boards are shiplapped.