Walnut Changing Table

About This Project

Besides being a changing table for our upcoming first, this was a design experiment. I wanted to play with having the visible elements of the piece be bookmatched. So the two sides, top, and drawer fronts are all bookmatched. I also wanted to play with the idea of incorporating some sap wood in the panels.


  • Primarily case elements are walnut.
  • Rear drawer divider, drawer runners, and drawer bottoms are green ash.
  • Drawer sides and backs are black ash.


  • Top and sides are joined with half blind dovetails
  • Bottom and shelf are joined to the sides with blind dados
  • Web frame – Front and back dividers are joined to the sides with sliding dovetails and the drawer runner are joined to the dividers with mortise and tenon
  • Lower arched rail (and hidden rear rail) are joined to the sides with sliding dovetails.
  • Drawers are half blind dovetails in the front and through dovetails in the back. The drawer bottom is a beveled panel.
  • The backboards are ship lapped.