Woodworking Projects

I visited Marc's shop for several days and one the things we did was build a project in two days. Neither of us got our project totally done in that time but we came really close. I decided to make a bar stool and Marc built a new gate.
A quick project that I was able to put together in just a few hours using some of the first lumber that I cut earlier this year on my bandsaw mill.
My wheelbarrow is probably my most versatile and widely used tool.  I used it for typical yard work tasks but I also use it to move things that are too heavy or awkward to carry like lumber or slabs.  I recently dropped a slab onto it and broke one of the handles. Since I have plenty of wood, I figured I could quickly and enjoyably make a new set of handles in a couple hours. 
This hanging bed swing is an incredibly comfortable way to spend an afternoon.  The swing is sized for a twin size mattress and is suspended from ropes which with a light breeze will rock you to sleep or if you're not tired, it's a great place to lounge and read a book.
Our son, JR, loves books and as such they're all over the house.  Lindsay wanted a nice way to store and display the books so looking for ideas on Pintrest she came across some shelves shaped like clouds.  Being the wife of a woodworker, she went with a combination of spalted maple and walnut for their construction.  
Back in 2015 I built a changing table, a bassinet, and a crib for my first son.  I've had a few requests to show how they're holding up. Since I have to do some rearranging to get JR's new bed set up, I thought this would be the perfect time to take a look at all those past projects.
Now it's on to the final details and finishing.  I'll be prefinishing the head and footboard before assembly to make the finishing process much simpler.  The last bit of construction will be to add the mattress support system which will consist of a ledger and slats.
Now we're onto the last bit of joinery in the project: connecting the rails to the posts.  This joint will consist of a stub mortise and tenon which will be held in by a bolt which I will add later.  The posts can also be cut to size and shaped and the live edges treated.
With the stock all prepped, we can start on the joinery.  I'm starting with the joinery that will hold the head and footboard together.  The walnut will be joined to the maple posts with breadboard end style mortise and tenons which will allow for the walnut to move relative to the posts.
After seeing the serving tray I made with April, Lindsay thought that they would make great Christmas presents.  I had a bunch more smaller slabs that I cut a few years ago so this project was perfect for those.  I made 8 trays: 6 maple and 2 butternut.