JR’s Bed

Now it's on to the final details and finishing.  I'll be prefinishing the head and footboard before assembly to make the finishing process much simpler.  The last bit of construction will be to add the mattress support system which will consist of a ledger and slats.
Now we're onto the last bit of joinery in the project: connecting the rails to the posts.  This joint will consist of a stub mortise and tenon which will be held in by a bolt which I will add later.  The posts can also be cut to size and shaped and the live edges treated.
With the stock all prepped, we can start on the joinery.  I'm starting with the joinery that will hold the head and footboard together.  The walnut will be joined to the maple posts with breadboard end style mortise and tenons which will allow for the walnut to move relative to the posts.