Shop Organization

Easily the most poorly utilized space in my shop is along the back wall. As my shop has changed and evolved over time, I haven't given much effort to the layout of the items that live along this wall. I've been so busy working on the highboy for the past several months that I haven't been able to put any effort into cleaning and organizing. Well I drank some Mountain Dew Saturday night and was up until 4am cleaning.
I've been saving an ash cut off from the bed swing project to use to hang my track saw tracks from the wall so they're not just leaning up against the wall. I used some stainless rod to make the hangers. A quick project to help beautify and organize the shop.
One of my goals for this year is to get the shop organized so it is a more efficient work space not just for woodworking but also for filming my videos.  This first post in this organization series will serve as an introduction to the series and a bit of an updated shop tour.  Part of this initial clearing process will be to identify future organization projects as my biggest issue is almost everything in the shop doesn't have home.  Most things are nomadic; moving from surface to surface.