Matt’s Weekly Shop Update

This week, I finished up waterfall table number 2 (the resin river) and got started finally on my new table saw outfeed table. The cabinet carcass is built and I used plywood for that. Been a while since I built a project from plywood...
Biggest thing this week was the progress on the resin waterfall river table.  I had a successfully uneventful resin pour.  Once it was cured, I cut and joined the waterfall joint just like the second table.  Speaking of the second table, I made the glass pattern for that one and dropped it off at the glass cutter.
 Made a bunch of progress on the first river waterfall table. I cut the waterfall joint and built a steel base for it. The other table will get it's resin river this week once I decide on a final direction for the pigment.
Finished up the first waterfall table and got started on the other two by surfacing the slabs. One of the waterfall tables will get a resin river so I put together a small sample to see how everything will look before I move forward with the main pour.
Finished up the quick platter project and got finish on one of the carved drawer fronts. Surfaced the first of the waterfall table slabs with the new surfacing bit. Prepped the panels for the drawer bottoms and finished the initial epoxy work on the outfeed table top.
Highboy is mostly moved inside and although not all the drawers are complete, I'm finally able to see how it will look when complete. In the shop, the waterfall table slabs are ready to be flattened and I answer some questions regarding the new metal cutting bandsaw.
Got most of the finish applied to the upper case and finish prepped and got one coat onto the lower case. I also started breaking down and prepping the stock for the backboards and drawer bottoms.