Matt’s Weekly Shop Update

Took a break from the norm this week and made a quick holder for my track saw tracks. On the highboy, I started on the goosenecks by getting the templates done and the stock prepped. I also got my first wooden handplane!  
Trucking ahead on the highboy. I cut and fit all the drawer fronts and added the bonnet top. I also made a quick frame for Lindsay to cast memories from the past year. Also my new cyclone arrived.
On the highboy this week I got the upper case glued up; finished up the scroll board details and got it attached to the case; added the vertical dividers and hidden drawer supports and prepped the stock for the 11 drawer fronts.
I finished up one of the apple presses. The other one is done enough for now. On the highboy, the drawer structure is complete and I made the scroll board. A bit of follow up on my jointer and I sold my router table.
I'm back from my trip to the UK with my almost complete chair.  In a few weeks after I'm done with the highboy, I'll be finishing it up and gluing it together.  On the highboy, I added the knee blocks to the lower case and glued up the panels that will start to form the upper case.
I've been busily tearing the bandsaw mill apart so I can finish up some minor things that I never felt like doing when I built it in the winter and to paint the remaining unpainted parts. In the shop, I finished the internals of the lower highboy case.
I'm back from my trip to Denver. Marc and I finished filming our picture frame making videos and also decided to each to a project video. Marc went with making a garden gate and I made a bar stool. Back in my shop, I spent some time adding the drawer dividers to the lower case of the highboy.
Chris stopped by for the day and we recorded a few segments for his upcoming Chopumentary and also milled up a walnut log. In the shop, I made a pair of replacement handles for my wheelbarrow and started working on a crosscut sled.