Making Lumber

About a year and a half ago I came up with and built the first adjustable lumber stacking bases.  I absolutely love stacking lumber with them and I've been meaning to make more for a while.
My friend, Brandon, was removing this dead red oak tree in Andover, MN last summer.  Since it was pretty sizable, he knew I'd be interested in having the trunk to run through my sawmill.  
My friend, Brandon, brought me this log from a removal job he was doing. The log has a diameter of 4' at the base, tapers to about 3', and flares back out to 4' at the top. The tree was removed from a front yard in Mounds View, MN.
This time we're slabbing up a sugar maple with a lot of limbs clumped towards the middle of the log. The tree was also tapped for maple syrup during its life so we see the results of that.
Last time we sliced up the longer section of this silver maple tree that was topped and left standing for 5 years. This time we'll continue on and slice up the shorter section. This one is from the base of the tree with a diameter close to 3'.
There's a few factors to consider when selecting a winch for urban logging. What size you need will greatly depend on the size of logs you're going after and potentially planning for even larger logs than you're expecting now. The short answer is to buy bigger than you need and not worry about it as much. The cost difference between the different capacities isn't very large. The only downside is as the capacity increases the winch gets heavier but if you're not moving it around and leaving it bolted to your trailer, this isn't really an issue.
After having taken my sawmill apart to paint it, I wanted to make sure everything went back together correctly and is still calibrated. I saved this offcut from a log I cut about a year ago so I would be able to make a wide test cut to verify the saw still cuts consistently.
This time we'll install the motor that will drive the sawhead lift and complete the sprocket installation that will route the chain from one lifting column to the other.
I got a call about a walnut tree that was coming down and this was a really fun outing.  The loading was just a bit challenging which made it more interesting than just driving up to a pile of logs.  You know how I love a good adventure!