Book Giveaway, Sawing Live Oak, and Vacuum Drying

August 16, 2019

After a nice family vacation I’m back at it. I finished up the radial veneer video, spent some time on the sawmill slabbing up a live oak crotch, and got my first hands on experience with a vacuum kiln.

Hardwood Edging Book Giveaway

Radial Veneer with Scott Grove: Radial Veneer Demo with Scott Grove
Paul’s Sawmill Tour: Legacy Lumber Sawmill Walk Through
Slabbing the Spalted Silver Maple: Spalted Silver Maple Slabbing [Embedded Steel, Brass, & Copper]
Logs from Phil: Sawing Mississippi Pecan with Phil and Harry

Viewer Projects

Decorative Panels by David

I work full time at Bethany Church in Baton Rouge, LA as video director.   I built three decorative panels to hang in our smaller campus venue’ stage.

Made with beech hard wood, these were very tedious to build. Every other slat is flush with the face, others are recessed behind a rabbet. The recessed ones were easy but the flush ones were cut with a dado blade and sacrificial fence, with the goal of zero gaps to the face frame. This took a lot of time.  Finished with paste wax and several tons of elbow grease.
They came out great but I don’t want to build anymore!! Lol

Coffee Table by Kevin

This is a walnut coffee table that I made trying out a bunch of new things for myself. This was the first time I worked with rough sawn lumber and surfacing it myself, as well as the first time making bread board ends. The table top has a segmented center made from walnut, maple, and padauk with breadboard ends. The carcass was made using mortise and tenon joinery.

Federal Desk by Chris

Here’s a recent project of mine.  It’s a Federal period desk for my seven year old son.  I built it from rough cut cherry (primary) and poplar (secondary) using traditional hand tools and hot hide glue – no power tools.  I turned the legs and drawer pulls on a spring pole lathe.

Urn by Dan

I made this box as an urn for my friends’ baby who was lost as 24 week in-utero. It was a sad project to make but I was so honored to do it. Made from figured curly Maple and Walnut that I milled on my property. The top is friction-fit, and the CNC engraving was something they designed and I cut using my Shapeoko 3. I also got their baby’s footprints on there using a laser-printer and Polycryllic method. The finish is several coats of Arm-R-Seal semi-gloss


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  • Ricky Sugimoto says:

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    1619 Ala Napunani St.

  • Don Bennett says:

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    I thoroughly enjoy your videos.

  • As always I love your videos!

  • Ed Powell says:

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    Thanks, i really enjoy your channel, I am glad you had a nice break.

  • Steve Thomas says:

    Great instructional clip

  • Fun channel and very interesting

  • Steve Robinson says:

    I love this channel!

  • Bret Beck says:

    Great project

  • Dave Makarewicz says:

    The Radial veneer table top is awesome!

  • richard smith says:

    looking forward to the read

  • Russell Nentwich says:

    Man you are like revenge of the nerds meets the wood master. Super talented bro! Never judge a book by its cover. Pun intended.

    • hahaha! Thanks!

  • Mark Lancaster says:

    Looks like a very interesting book. I look forward to reading it

  • Paul Gunther says:

    as always good work

  • Paul Gunther says:

    Keep it up Matt !!!

  • Willena T Jennings says:

    I enjoy watching your videos. Your love of your craft show in every frame…..

  • Robert Montgrain says:

    great work

  • James Wolfe says:

    Love your videos

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    Beautiful work

  • I enjoy your YouTube postings.

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    Great video!!
    Thank you so much.

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    Great video. Thanks

  • Jimmy Payne says:

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  • don clay says:

    You’ve made some references about finding wood, but would you please list all the venues you’ve attempted somewhere?

    Have you left your name with tree services, landscapers, etc.?


  • Doug M -C says:

    Enjoy your working content. It is good to see you taking the time to look out for yourself and the family

  • Jeff Smith says:

    I really enjoy watching your videos and learning from your projects. The breadth of your interests and skills is amazing and inspiring. Thank you for offering this book to your viewers.

    • Thanks Jeff!

  • Dave says:

    Hi love to win this book as I went to meet you at makers central in Birmingham

  • Douglas Mungham says:

    Matt the content that you squeeze in to your video’s shows your passion for the art.
    I really enjoy watching your video’s to see what you are achieving and the viewer projects, some people have such skills.
    You are an influencer of many, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK ☺
    The book would be nice but not essential .

  • Clint Briley says:

    I really want that book. Keep up the great videos

  • wayne richardson says:

    wish i had more time to do woodwork i work with disabilities and teach woodwork but we only get to use pallets for wood but they love it but do enjoy watching you thanks wayne

  • Enjoy; your work.

  • ROY R REYNOLDS says:

    The urn box is very special. Our oldest son and his wife lost a child similarly.

  • Terry Archibald says:

    Hey Matt always a pleasure watching your videos. Looking forward for future videos. Keep up the good work.

  • Geoff Kail says:

    The video on the radial veneering was fine, very inofmative.

  • Alvin F. Outarsingh says:

    Great videos

  • Love your show Matt. I always look forward to whatever content you are presenting to your audience.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Larry!

  • Mark Allen says:

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    Do you ship wood to California let me know please

  • Joe Ed Kepler says:

    I really enjoy your channel. I like the saw mill videos the best. Thanks and keep up the great job,

  • Ronald Leger says:

    Hi. I would love to receive the Hardwood Edging book. It would be greatly appreciated.

  • Andrew Hayes says:

    I love to see veneer work of any kind

    • Even bad veneer work? 😀

  • Michael Yeary says:

    That Live Oak is something else!

  • Mostyn Faulkner says:

    Thanks for you videos.

  • Stacy Harmon says:

    Love to watch your slab videos, Informative and entertaining.
    I am somewhat new to woodworking and found the round veneer project very interesting. Keep on keeping on.

    • Thanks Stacy!

  • Andrew Lindemann says:

    Thank You Matt. I like your videos

  • Brian Josulevicz says:

    Always enjoy your videos and just the beauty of the logs you saw don’t know how much you charge for them but I probably can’t afford them, not to far from you but far Eastern Pa.

  • Henry McGraw says:

    I always enjoy your videos! Thanks!