Upcoming Trip to Houston, TX

May 10, 2017

This July I will be in Houston to speak at the Woodworkers Club of Houston.  There is also a meet up planned.

July 7, 2017

Meet up at Beer Market Company (http://beermarketco.com/) from 5-9.

920 Studemont St #900,
Houston, TX 77007

July 8, 2017

Saturday session with the Woodworkers Club of Houston. (Visit their website to become a member of the club)

I will be hosting six 45-60min sessions:

  • Card scrapers
    • A card scraper is an incredible simple and versitile tool.  We’ll cover different kinds of scrapers, sharpening, and their various uses.
  • Milling your own lumber
    • Expand your woodworking adventure by producing the lumber you use in your projects
  • Hand cut half blind dovetails
    • Hand cutting dovetail joints can be intimidating and half blinds seem doubly as intimidating as through dovetails however, it’s actually much eaiser to achieve a great fitting and looking half blind dovetail joint
  • Integrating hand tools into a power tool work flow
    • Many of us start with power tools and aren’t exposed to how useful and helpful a few handtools can be.  Certain hand tools can compliment powertool operations.  They’re a team.
  • Working with live edge
    • Live edge lumber is trendy right now.  We’ll look at ways of using the live edge in a project but we’ll also look at how to get “normal” boards from live edge boards.
  • Dealing with defects
    • Lumber has defects and the age old mentality as been to omit them but what if you want to incorporate them or even feature them in your project?


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