Author: Matt Cremona

My friend, Brandon, was removing this dead red oak tree in Andover, MN last summer.  Since it was pretty sizable, he knew I'd be interested in having the trunk to run through my sawmill.  
About a year ago, I made a few serving boards from some sawmill scraps that were in my firewood pile. This year I wanted to make a bunch more for gifts and to switch things up, I decided the focus of this video should be on the batching process vs the prototyping process that we went through last time. This video was inspired by a viewer who asked how long each board would take to make so I'll be tracking the time spent at each step and dividing the total time by the number of finished boards. 
My friend, Brandon, brought me this log from a removal job he was doing. The log has a diameter of 4' at the base, tapers to about 3', and flares back out to 4' at the top. The tree was removed from a front yard in Mounds View, MN.
I've been taking it a bit slow after the sideboard marathon. I've been working on a video about my background in woodworking and I've been working on a lumber drying video. In the shop, I started making a batch of charcuterie boards from firewood.