Author: Matt Cremona

I got a call about a walnut tree that was coming down and this was a really fun outing.  The loading was just a bit challenging which made it more interesting than just driving up to a pile of logs.  You know how I love a good adventure!

Northern Woods Exhibition April 26-29 at Eden Prairie Center 8251 Flying Cloud Dr, Eden Prairie, MN 55344 Show Guide: The program hasn't been made available yet but I'll post a link to it as soon as it becomes available. Coverage of past shows: 2017: 2016: Thank you to everyone who...

Thanks to everyone who chatted with me at Fine Woodworking Live! It was a blast! Back in the shop, I made minor progress on the outfeed table and the river table. This weekend the Highboy will be in the Northern Woods Show.
Cutting big and small cookies from logs on my bandsaw mill, testing a few drying scenarios, and taking a look at the results one year later.
This week, I finished up waterfall table number 2 (the resin river) and got started finally on my new table saw outfeed table. The cabinet carcass is built and I used plywood for that. Been a while since I built a project from plywood...
Biggest thing this week was the progress on the resin waterfall river table.  I had a successfully uneventful resin pour.  Once it was cured, I cut and joined the waterfall joint just like the second table.  Speaking of the second table, I made the glass pattern for that one and dropped it off at the glass cutter.
This log was slightly too big for my chainsaw mill back in the day but before I got around to cutting it with the larger chainsaw mill, I started building my bandsaw mill. I really wasn't sure what would be in this log but I figured there would at least be a few areas of curl and spalting. Looks like this log produced some really interesting pieces of wood so I'll be set on small pieces of figured maple for a while.
 Made a bunch of progress on the first river waterfall table. I cut the waterfall joint and built a steel base for it. The other table will get it's resin river this week once I decide on a final direction for the pigment.
Finished up the first waterfall table and got started on the other two by surfacing the slabs. One of the waterfall tables will get a resin river so I put together a small sample to see how everything will look before I move forward with the main pour.