Machine Maintenance – Ask Matt #25

July 22, 2018


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  • Brian Newcomer says:

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    Just ordered 1 xl sweatshirt and I’m being billed for 2 L and one xl for $96??

  • Dave Henry says:

    Hi Matt. Do you sell blueprints for your new logging trailer?

    • Not yet. They’ll be released when I done with the build.

  • Dave Hinckley says:

    Hi Matt. I’ve been watching for a while. I like your approach to woodworking and especially like your urban logging efforts to rescue wood that would otherwise get turned into firewood or just left to rot. I think my favorite project of yours was the Something From Nothing box, where you welcomed your child home and then made something. Nice.
    My main question: You’ve been slabbing tree trunks for quite a while. Do you find yourself wondering what the slabs would look like from trees you see when you’re driving around?

    • All the time. Can’t look at trees the same way any more. Thanks!

  • Howard Anderson says:

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    Do you want leads on big old trees?

  • Mickey Higgins says:

    The planer that you changed the head to a spiral, was it a lobo 20″?????
    I have a 20″ Lobo and am looking to change the straight cutter to spiral.
    Mine is built in 1993.

    • It’s a grizzly but most of those machines are exactly the same.

  • Scott says:

    Curious what your thoughts are on the affordability of making your own trim and baseboards out of trees that you mill yourself. Is there a business model there for home remodelers?

    • Could be. Just depends on how much your time is worth. If you’re already milling lumber, then yes. A molder would quickly pay for itself especially if you’re looking to make higher end trim.