Gentleman’s Valet Box
From time to time, I like to make boxes since it helps me exercise my design skills.  This one started with the idea of filling the gap produced by hinges that are meant to hang doors and things evolved from there.  I selected some materials that I felt would work together, came up with some joinery ideas, and spent some time in the shop exploring the ideas in my head.  This is always a great exercise.  This box in particular is sized to be a valet box - somewhere to put your things at the end of the day (keys, watch, wallet, etc).
Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – Nov 3 2017
On the highboy this week, I routed the profile for the gooseneck moldings in less time than it took me to route the moldings for the secretary desk.  The cyclone is mostly assembled after hanging out with a friend in the shop.
Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – Oct 27, 2017
Took a break from the norm this week and made a quick holder for my track saw tracks. On the highboy, I started on the goosenecks by getting the templates done and the stock prepped. I also got my first wooden handplane!  
Track Saw Track Rack
I've been saving an ash cut off from the bed swing project to use to hang my track saw tracks from the wall so they're not just leaning up against the wall. I used some stainless rod to make the hangers. A quick project to help beautify and organize the shop.
Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – Oct 13, 2017
On the highboy this week I got the upper case glued up; finished up the scroll board details and got it attached to the case; added the vertical dividers and hidden drawer supports and prepped the stock for the 11 drawer fronts.
Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – Oct 8, 2017
I finished up one of the apple presses. The other one is done enough for now. On the highboy, the drawer structure is complete and I made the scroll board. A bit of follow up on my jointer and I sold my router table.