Matt’s Weekly Shop Update

Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – July 4, 2017
We had some beautiful weather so I was able to get outside and cut up the maple log and get started cutting the walnut that I had picked up a couple weeks ago. In the shop, I continued working on the cabriole legs by turning the pad and shaping the foot.
Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – June 27, 2017
Really getting into production of the highboy project. The lumber selection is out of the way and I'm on to working on the cabriole legs, which is a first for me but I've been wanting to make a set of these legs for a long, long time.
Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – May 23, 2017
Pretty full week around the shop.  Lindsay spent some time over the weekend in the shop finishing up the cloud shelves that she started back in February and earlier in the week, I removed all lumber from my shop that isn't part of a project that I'm working on.  Around the sawmill, I moved the last of my big logs up onto the bed and I made more of the stack levelers so I can finish stacking all the slabs I've been cutting.
Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – May 16, 2016
Outside this week, I was able to get my stack of ash all ready for drying.  The smaller log was temporarily stacked in my driveway after I cut it into slabs.  In the shop, I worked on the porch swing/day bed thingy.
Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – May 9, 2017
A productive week outdoors.  I slabbed up a goofy maple log and my friend, Jim, dropped off some logs and spent the day with me slabbing the big ash log.  In the shop I started working on a porch swing bed thing.
Matt’s Weekly Shop Update – May 2, 2017
Finally back outside using the sawmill again.  I've had the round that I cut off of the white oak log sitting on the mill for over a month waiting to be cut into cookies.  In the shop, I started working on the counter top for my parents' laundry room.